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More than a vendor—a partner.

Cambodian Textiles Worldwide is more than a manufacturer and supplier.
We are a reliable and proven business partner.

Everything we do starts with your needs. Based on your business goals, CTW works to align our operations, innovative processes, and manufacturing strengths to develop  solutions that meet your vision. We leverage our expertise in processes and products to help you meet your product growth strategies. And we are always committed to the highest level of excellence in everything we do.



Our healthcare products serve both the acute and retail healthcare industry. We manufacture a full line of healthcare products such as gowns,scrubs, sheeting, and blankets. 


CTW is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of “Q” table linen. Q™ is not only different; it’s better. Our Q™ napery—featuring consistent and vibrant tabletops and napkins—is designed to enhance the brand image of each of your customers. Every piece and every shipment is hand inspected for consistency.


The appearance and durability of your textiles makes all the difference. That’s why our products are as attractive as they are long lasting


We manufacture the best workwear with an emphasis on design, quality and durability.